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IPARK Corporate Citizenship

IPARK Corporate Citizenship, the light of the world

HDC Hyundai Development Company, starting volunteer activities with the internal female volunteer group, Moduri, from the early 1990s, has been carrying out social volunteer activities more actively and systematically through the establishment of the social contribution committee and IPARK Corporation Citizenship in March 2004.

All our employees, from new employees to executives, participate in IPARK Corporation Citizenship; it has been giving a helping hand to the underprivileged or neighbors in need in various fields and conducting several volunteer activities, such as maintenance work on social welfare facilities, support for study rooms, campaign for sharing of bracelets, campaign for protecting nature, "Green Owner," campaign for donation of books to the children's library and carrying briquettes.

Pony Chung Foundation

A better future is created through the spirit of challenge and pioneering

The Pony Chung Foundation has been striving to promote the spirit and accomplishment of figures who pioneered the new horizon in succession to the spirit of Se Yung Chung as an honorary president.

The president of Hyundai Motor Company, Se Yung Chung, created the first model of Korean automobile, "Pony," with relentless challenge and efforts to develop technology in difficult times. The creation of Pony enabled South Korea to become the 16th automobile manufacturing country, and the world's press called the president, Se Yung Chung, who travelled all around the world to promote Pony and export it, "Pony Chung." The Pony Chung Foundation continues the will of Se Yung Chung by promoting the challenge and innovation of society and pursuing a better future.

Symphony Small Library

Share the temperature of love by HDC Hyundai Development Company for 365 days, with 365 books, at 36.5℃

In succession to the philosophy of the honorary president, Se Yung Chung, who emphasized the importance of talented people, HDC Hyundai Development Company helps children to develop their dream through the Symphony Small Library operated based on the donation of books and talent.

Improvement of Residential Environment

Clean and comfortable residential facilities are granted

HDC Hyundai Development Company's employees conduct volunteer work to improve the residential environment of underprivileged or lower-income groups. Our employees help transform the old and uncomfortable environment to a clean and comfortable living environment by replacing flooring, light bulbs, and putting up new wallpaper.

Building Houses of Hope

Building up your heart

IPARK Corporation Citizenship has been building houses of love in project sites all over the nation as one of its volunteer activities. The members of the volunteer group contribute to improving the living environment of group homes (communal facilities for the disabled) by replacing old equipment, including boilers and furniture through the maintenance project for the cozy welfare facilities so as to provide the neglected group with pleasant and comfy living spaces.

Wall Painting

Take a stroll on the beautiful street, the street of Vietnamese culture in Itaewon

HDC Hyundai Development Company took the first step in the campaign Race for Sharing Love with the event of making the wall painting in 2016. Thanks to the event, beautiful paintings decorate the wall and fence on the street; and the street of Vietnamese culture in Itaewon was created in partnership with Dream In 共ZONE. Race For Sharing Love features the voluntary participation of employees and selected the Yongsan area, where HDC Hyundai Development Company’s headquarters is located, as the subject of the event to place emphasis on reminding HDC Hyundai Development Company of its social responsibility and mutual growth with the local community.

Provision of Free Meals and Necessities

Have a warm meal together

HDC Hyundai Development Company provides senior citizens who live alone and the underprivileged with free meals; in addition, the volunteers deliver free necessities to the residents of the dosshouses. Furthermore, they cook, distribute, and serve free meals themselves and pack snacks and necessities in boxes to give them out to residents of dosshouses along with handwritten letters.

Event for Sharing Kimchi for Winter

Convey warmth to neighbors in the cold winter

HDC Hyundai Development Company’s employees make kimchi for themselves in the winter to deliver it to low-income families and welfare facilities. They make kimchi with all their hearts, as they can imagine how happy and delighted the people will be when receiving the kimchi.

Pony Chung Innovation Awards

The award is given to those who make great accomplishments through personal sacrifice

The Pony Chung Foundation grants Innovation Awards to innovative individuals who contribute to the new change of the society with excellent performance every year while paying a tribute to the spirit of challenge and innovative thinking of Se Yung Chung, who acted as a pioneer in the Korean automobile industry and globalizing the company.

Academic Support Program

Solid basic theory is the foundation of all studies

Hyundai could start manufacturing a complete vehicle based on the independent technology from 1991 thanks to the success in the development of the engine, the fundamental part of vehicles, after a long study. With the belief that competitiveness can be improved with a solid foundation, HDC Hyundai Development Company started supporting studies on humanities, the basic discipline.

Scholarship Program

Today’s talent is the future of the world

As it inherits Pony Chung’s philosophy to place importance on talented people, the Pony Chung Foundation supports talented individuals who will contribute to creating a more prosperous future through domestic and overseas scholarship programs for the groups to attend overseas symposiums, for Vietnamese students and invited students.