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HDC Hyundai Development Company monitors all parts and processes of our businesses and regularly conducts performance evaluations for eco-friendliness in order to practice green management.

Establishment of Environmental Policies and Goals
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and strengthening environmental management standards

    • Zero fines, 5% decrease in negligence fines compared to the previous year.
    • 95% compliance with legal limits for discharge facilities management (wastewater, air pollution, etc.).
    • Environmental management plan established based on stakeholder requirements.
  • Minimization of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

    • Use of eco-friendly, high-efficiency construction equipment and energy.
    • 5% reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous year Enforcement of resource circulation activities.
  • Strengthening resource cycling activities

    • Reinforced waste separation and sorting, minimized mixed waste discharge.
    • 5% reduction in construction waste generation, over 90% recycling rate management compared to the previous year.
    • Reduced water usage by 5% compared to the previous year, reinforcing reuse and recycling.
  • Purchase of green products and construction of eco-friendly buildings

    • Expanded purchase ratio of green products.
    • Expanded certification of eco-friendly buildings.
  • Strengthening of biodiversity conservation efforts

    • Strengthening of biodiversity conservation efforts.
    • Protection of ecological environment and habitats for animals and plants at business sites.
  • Reinforcement of environmental management education for employees

    • Reinforced environmental management training for executives, employees, and partner companies.
    • Conducted environmental campaigns.

Certifications in Environmental Management

HDC Hyundai Development Company has been establishing required policies and goals for its environmental management and conducting related educational programs and training to achieve them.

For more systematic environmental management, we obtained certification for the international standard, ISO 14001, to conduct maintenance and management.

Asbestos Management

  1. 1Preliminary research on asbestos
    Investigating asbestos through the designated investigation agency, and recording and preserving the outcome.
  2. 2Removal of asbestos
    Carrying out removal work by an asbestos removal company, registered with Ministry of Labor
  3. 3Management of asbestos waste
    Adopting ALLBARO for rightful treatment
  4. 4Compliance with asbestos concentration standards
    Keeping the asbestos concentration of the air lower than the standard level on the site (0.01 unit/cm²), submitting the proof to the regional labor office without delay