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Quality Policy

Under the value of “enriching lives and making the world reliable,” HDC Hyundai Development Company will practice the following items for the effective application of the Quality Management System to achieve high customer satisfaction and happiness.

  1. 1. We will establish and maintain a Quality Management System with the purpose of providing the “highest quality, suitable for customer needs” through customer-centric quality management practice.
  2. 2. All organizations will comply with the Quality Management System regulations, and continuously improve Its effectiveness to obtain and maintain customer satisfaction and trust.
  3. 3. All products and services will secure creative and differentiated competitiveness by focusing on customer core values.
  4. 4. We will obtain an innovative future growth engine through a creative organizational culture and creative connections.


HDC Hyundai Development Company operates a Quality Management System in which all members of the organization participate.


HDC Hyundai Development Company implements a SMART-ZERO initiative, a safety & quality campaign.

Realize zero-defect workplace through smart quality management Quality-focused Action
S Speedy
Speedy defect repair
Institutionalize anticipative quality check and maintenance after completion of each construction
M Manpower
Strengthening manpower competence
Increase scope of quality inspection by recruiting COP managers and utilizing PAM organization
A Autonomous
Autonomous quality control
Institutionalize autonomous quality management on site in accordance with the Checklist manual
R Responsible
Responsible quality control
Increase responsible quality management through PJC operation, utilization of contract out request and direct undertaking
T Teamwork
Building cooperative teamwork
Achieve 100% quality goals through organic collaboration among site, partner companies and headquarters