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  • May.HDC IPARK 1st REIT Co., Ltd. receives approval for business
  • March.Renewal of IPARK brand for its 20th anniversary to “Premium Life Platform”
Renewal of IPARK brand for its 20th anniversary
  • Dec.Obtained business license for HDC IPARK 2nd REIT Co., Ltd.
  • Jun.Acquired Oak Valley Resort and changed its name to HDC Resort
  • Feb.Seoul Chuncheon Highway Co., Ltd. is incorporated as an affiliate
Oak Valley Resort
  • May.Established HDC Co., Ltd.
  • Feb.Opening of PARK ROCHE
  • Oct.Completed construction of Banegas Bridge in Bolivia
  • Jun.Opening of Suwon I Park Museum of Art (SIMA), Rha Hye-Seok exhibition hall
  • Nov.Proclaimed a new corporate slogan "Faith in a Better Future", 40th anniversary of the establishment
  • Jan.Obtained the project on constructing Hung Ha Bridge in Vietnam
  • Oct.Opening of Suwon I Park Museum of Art (SIMA)
  • Sept.I Controls Co., Ltd. listed on the stock exchange
  • Sept.Completed construction of Gocheok Sky Dome
  • May.Established HDC Shilla Duty-free Co., Ltd.
Opening of Suwon I Park Museum of Art(SIMA)
Gocheok Sky Dome
  • May.Established overseas branch in South America and obtained the project for constructing Banegas Bridge in Bolivia
  • Apr.Completed the construction of Busan Harbor Bridge
Busan Harbor Bridge
  • Dec.Won the 2013 Korea Marketing Grand Prize (Housing Marketing Grand Prize, HDC Masterpiece)
  • Nov.Won the 13th Natural Environment Grand Prize (top prize, construction of the Woosijang stream in Suwon - Suwon IPARK CITY)
  • Jun.Hosted the 1st Green Technology Contest
  • Feb.Hotel IPARK Co., Ltd. opened Park Hyatt Busan
  • Dec.Won the 2012 Grand Prize for Hangyeong Residential Culture in the second half term of the year (the grand prize in total, Suwon IPARK CITY )
  • Oct.Won the Grand Prize in Landscape Architecture in South Korea (won an award in the field of greens of the park, Masanman IPARK)
  • Oct.Won the 2012 Grand Prize of Korean Architectural Culture Awards (won a presidential award, Haeundae IPARK/ Minister prize of Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Daum Space.1)
  • Sept.Received the Order of Industrial Service Merit (Bronze) (new port, Busan Harbor, two- or tri-level private investment project)
  • Jul.Won the grand prize at the 16th Most Livable Apartment Contest by Maeil Business
  • Apr.Established an overseas branch in Vietnam
  • Apr.Received prime minister citation at the celebration of the 45th Science Day (in recognition of development of fire-resistant curtain walls for skyscrapers)
  • Jan.Declared new CI and BI
Haeundae IPARK
  • Dec.Relocated headquarters to Yongsan Hyundai IPARK Mall
  • Nov.Won the 2011 Grand Prize for Quality Management in architectural sector by Korea Construction Quality Association
  • Sept.Won the Grand Prize at the 2011 Korea Land, City & Urban Design Competition (Godeok IPARK)
  • Oct.Won the Top Prize at the 10th natural environment competition hosted by Korea Association of Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture in partnership with the Ministry of Environment. (Minister Prize from the Ministry of Environment, Masan Bay IPARK: the urban development project in the coastal area)
  • Jun.Received the Order of Industrial Service Merit (Bronze) by Korean government (new port, Busan Harbor, one- or two-level waterway construction site)
  • Feb.Won the Minister Prize from the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (Haeundae IPARK)
  • Oct.Won Grand Prize in the field of design for residential environment at the 2008 Public Design Awards in Korea (Suwon IPARK CITY )
  • May.Opened Pony Chung Hall
Pony Chung Hall
  • Dec.Received commendation from the Minister of Construction-Transportation on the 7th housebuilding day
  • Nov.Won the Grand Prize for Healthy Housing from the Minister of Environment
  • Sept.IPARK volunteer group won the participation prize at Seoul Social Welfare Competition
  • Jul.Won the grand prize at the 11th Most Livable Apartment Contest by Maeil Business Newspaper and a Prime Minister's Award (Deokso IPARK)
  • Mar.Yongbong IPARK selected as an excellent construction ( Yongbong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea)
  • Dec.Won a Prize from the Minister of Construction and Transportation at the 2nd Korea Civil & Architecture Awards (Highway from New Daegu to Busan)
  • Nov.Hosted the ceremony for 30th anniversary of the establishment
  • May.Took over Youngchang Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. (currently Youngchang Music)
Highway from New Daegu to Busan
  • Oct.Established Pony Chung Foundation
  • Apr.Hotel IPARK Co., Ltd. opened Park Hyatt Seoul
  • Feb.Completed construction of IPARK Tower
  • Nov.Established first cyber training system for quality control in the industry (I'Quality)
  • Jul.Established IPARK Volunteer Group
  • Jul.Won grand prize at the 8th Most Livable Apartment Contest by Maeil Business Newspaper and a Prime Minister's Award (Deungchon-dong IPARK)
  • Jul.Obtained certificate of eco-friendly architecture for the first time in South Korea (Samsung-dong IPARK)
  • Dec.Introduced electronic proof-of-performance system, an industry first
  • Oct.Integrated brand for residential buildings and commercial buildings into IPARK
  • Feb.Established Busan ICONS Co., Ltd. (currently IPARK Sports Co., Ltd.)
  • Dec.Won Top Prize at the design competition of Dongtan in Hwaseong
  • Oct.Won Gold Prize at Seoul's landscaping awards (Currently "Gangnam Finance Center": I-TOWER)
  • Sept.Won Gold Prize at Daejeon City's Architectural Awards (Daejeon World Cup Stadium)
  • Sept.Won Grand Prize at the POSCO Steel Structure Awards (Currently "Gangnam Finance Center": I-TOWER)
  • Mar.Launched a residential-building brand "IPARK"
Residential building brand, IPARK
  • Jun.Established an affiliated enterprise, I Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. (HDC Asset Management Co., Ltd.)
  • Mar.Founded professional football team, Busan ICONS (currently, Busan IPARK)
  • FebEstablished an affiliated enterprise, I&CONS Co., Ltd.
  • Jan.Declared the new corporate identity and slogan "Think Innovation"
  • Jan.Established an affiliated enterprise, Hyundai Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. (currently, Hyundai EP Co., Ltd.)
Corporate Slogan:Think Innovation
  • Dec.Established an affiliated enterprise, I Service Co., Ltd.
  • Sept.Established an affiliated enterprise, I CONTRONS Co., Ltd.
  • Aug.Became independent from Hyundai Group
  • Aug.Changed English company name to "Hyundai Development Company"
  • Apr.Inaugurated Se Yung Chung as Late Honorary Chairman, Mong Gyu Chung as Chairman
  • Jan.Established an affiliated enterprise, Hyundai History Co., Ltd. (currently, Hyundai IPARK Mall Co., Ltd.)
Inauguration of Chairman, Mong Gyu Chung
Yongsan Station (constructed by a private sector-led project)
  • Oct.Won the 7th Grand Prize of Korean Architectural Culture Awards (Ulsan Hyundai Arts Center)
  • Jun.Won Grand Prize for environmentally friendly management of construction sites from the Korea Expressway Corporation (5th construction site for Jungang Expressway from Andong to Yeongju)
  • Feb.Won an award from the Korean Institute of Architects
  • Aug.Won "IR52 Jang Young-sil Prize" (Fundamental technology for ultra-high-strength PCs)
  • Jul.Obtained ISO 14001 certification
  • May.Won grand prize at the 2nd Most Livable Apartment Contest by Maeil Business Newspaper (Busan Haeundae Hyundai Apartment)
  • Feb.Changed the English company name (Hyundai Industrial Development & Construction Co.,Ltd.)
  • Oct.Listed on stock exchange
  • Apr.Selected as the excellent constructor by Korea Expressway Corporation (Construction of Seoul Ring Expressway & expansion construction of Guma Expressway)
  • Feb.Won Grand Prize for Quality Control
  • Nov.Obtained ISO 9001 certification
  • Aug.Changed CI
  • Aug.Hosted the first student design contest for apartment buildings
  • Jun.Established a Customer Satisfaction Center
  • Jun.Registered on the curb market
  • May.Constructed the 3rd, 4th Samcheonpo thermoelectric power plants
  • May.Constructed Yeoju PC plant (currently, Hyundai PCE)
  • Oct.Won the Main Prize of the 1st Korean Architectural Culture Awards
  • Oct.Changed the company name to Korean (현대산업개발)
  • Aug.Constructed and launched Hyundai Sorak Condominium (currently, IPARK Condominium)
  • May.Established the technology research institute
Hyundai Sorak Condominium
  • May. 1990Conducted tenant preliminary research for the first time in South Korea
  • Sept. 1989Won Top Prize of the Design Contest for Bundang Newtown Model Complex
  • Apr. 1987Completed development of Apgujeong Hyundai Apartment Complex (completed construction of the 14th Hyundai Apartments)
  • Nov. 1986Merged with Halla Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. and Korea Urban Development, established Hyundai Development Company Co., Ltd.
  • Feb. 1984Constructed the 1st, 2nd Samcheonpo thermoelectric power plants
  • Aug. 1983Registered as an issuer of securities
  • Oct. 1977Established Halla Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
Apgujeong Hyundai Apartment Complex
Samcheonpo Thermoelectric Power Plant
  • Mar.Established Korea Urban Development Co., Ltd.
Established Korea Urban Development Co., Ltd.