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As a comprehensive financial & real estate company, we create more affluent space & new investment values.

Choi Ik Hoon
President & CEO of HDC Hyundai Development Company

HDC Hyundai Development Company has shifted the paradigm of residential space by developing landmarks in major cities across South Korea, such as Samseong-dong IPARK and Haeundae IPARK Marina.

In addition, we contribute to the national and regional economic development by establishing infrastructure and plants in South Korea and other countries as well as large-scale urban development projects such as Suwon IPARK City and enhance the dignity of life by developing hotels, resorts, and commercial facilities.

HDC Hyundai Development Company will continue to take the lead in providing a richer life to customers and creating a better tomorrow through ceaseless challenge and innovation.

Furthermore, we will evolve into a comprehensive financial & real estate company by mastering a new business platform combining real estate development expertise, infrastructure development knowledge, and finance.