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Mission : We Deliver an Affluent Life and a Reliable World

Core Values

  • 01Management of Principle
    We think and act properly,
    in accordance with ethical principles
    • Clearly understanding and adhering to promises
    • Maintaining transparency in all processes and pursuing precise outcomes
    • Being honest and trustworthy in all things
  • 02Execution
    We make systematic plans
    and implement them thoroughly
    • Making precise and concrete plans for success
    • Achieving all our goals with indomitable willpower
    • Challenging ourselves relentlessly by learning from the outcomes of past undertakings
  • 03Innovation
    We are at the forefront of
    constant change
    • Keeping an eye on the changes of the world: to broaden our horizons
    • Questioning pre-existing methods
    • Being flexible and staying one step ahead
  • 04Originality
    We lead the world with
    what makes us unique
    • Competing with others in creative ways
    • Exceeding expectations but never limiting our prospects
    • Never making judgments based only on conventional notions: to acclaim creativity
  • 05Customer-driven
    Customers are the reason we exist
    • Deriving our value from the happiness of our customers
    • Seeing and feeling everything from our customers’ perspective
    • Ensuring that every employee relates to our customers
  • 06Insight
    From a broader perspective,
    we seek balance and harmony
    • Respecting diversity and being considerate when interacting with people
    • Combining various abilities of members of the group to carry out plans
    • Practicing social responsibility and growing with the community
  • 07Passion
    Passion is behind everything we do


Faith in a Better Future, HDC
Our slogan expresses that our vision is to pursue not only materialistic achievements but also diverse enrichment of life.
It also presents the conviction of all of HDC Hyundai Development Company members to pursue the mission of “a world of prosperity and trust.”