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Safety and Health Policy Creating a culture of self-discipline and prevention in which management and labor both participate and engage
To respect human life and restore customer confidence, HDC Hyundai Development Company engages in the following practices.
1. Declaration of management commitment to continuous health and safety management
2. Internalization of a health and safety system focused on prevention
3. Risk assessment for all types of work and enhancement of preventative measures
4. Collecting diverse opinions and actively enhancing the system
HDC Hyundai Development Company employees and workers must familiarize themselves with and adhere to the policy to effectively implement a health and safety management system.

January 18, 2023
HDC Hyundai Development Company
CSO Jeong Ik-hee

CSO (CEO) Jeong Ik-hee


Reducing high-risk accident rate to below 10% through implementation of three primary preventive measures.

※ High-risk accidents: Falls, constriction/collisions, collapsing structures

Promotion Strategies

  1. 1. Internalizing three major preventive activities.
    • Establishment of work plans for all types of disasters with a high risk
    • Conducting a risk assessment with involvement from both management and labor
    • Daily safety briefings required for alterations.
  2. 2. First ensuring the structural safety of temporary structures

Reducing the high-risk accident rate by 10%
or less will be achieved by focusing on three primary preventive activities.

  • Establishing an on-site self-disciplinary prevention system

    • Internalizing the three major preventive activities
      - Establishment of a work plan, risk assessment, and daily safety meetings for changes
    • Management of safety performance indicators : achieve a 'B' or higher rating on at least 60% of all sites
    • Intensive management of high-risk accidents such as falls, drops, confinement/collisions, and collapses
  • Securing the preemptive structural safety of temporary structures

    • Early settlement of the pre-review process for structural safety
    • Preemptive technical support for high-risk and high-difficulty temporary construction
  • Building a SMART SAFETY System

    • Establishment of a mobile-based integrated safety platform
    • Expanded application of SMART SAFETY equipment
  • Spreading a culture of safety and quality through participation and cooperation

    • Operating the second HDC SAFETY-I ACADEMY
      - 1,116 people in the 34th training session (specialized risk assessment training for supervisors)
    • External safety / quality expert advisory activities (construction innovation group)